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Maria Meckbach started Sjövillan Motion in 2005 in Hammarby Sjöstad. Maria's ambition was to be able to offer a place where everyone can feel welcome regardless of training background. The venue in Hammarby Sjöstad was very beautiful and was right by the water. In 2014, Maria received an offer to start a training facility in Solna with a hotel and restaurant as neighbors. Since the premises in Hammarby Sjöstad had become too small and were not adapted to conduct training in, Maria decided to accept. In January 2015, Maria opened Meckbach training in Solna and Sjövillan Motion then changed its name to Meckbach Träning. Her first assignment was to help AIK men (soccer) with physical training. AIK football were the first to train in the venue in Solna. Some members from Sjöstaden chose to continue training with us, which means that some have been members of Meckbach Training for almost 18 years. For us, there are three watchwords we from Meckbach always carry with us and have always carried with us and they are: Humility, empathy and the individual in focus. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.


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